Street Corner

So with Final Project wrapped up I have found myself in the regular classroom environment once again.  I did this little scene in about a week's time off and on as things finished up with our game and I begun to have a bit more free time after class.

The whole scene kind of came into being after I made a little trashcan prop.  I wanted to present it in a nice way so I then made the light post!

Trashcan! And Mr. Post
After looking at it for literally 30 seconds I could already see the entire corner in my mind so I plopped down some quick lines and shapes and got right into work.

Rough shapes and test textures
Paintover and playing with distort/warp

Overall this was a very smooth going quick side project.  This time around I played with lighting in Marmoset by adding spot and volume lights to the scene that way.  Here are some renders of how it turned out:

Also another thing I focused a lot was having things look pretty solid completely unlit in Maya.  Here are some screenshots of how it looked like "naked" in Maya.

Lastly here is the atlas for the textures in the scene.  I think it's a whole lot of fun to push things as far as specs and resolution goes.  The two biggest textures are the sidewalk and the road, other than that everything else is smaller than a 512x512.

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